Basic Golf Equipment – Advice For the Amateur

earning golf requires the proper equipment. Here are some tips to help get you started.

The golf ball is first. They are dimpled, to go farther when struck by clubs.

Next is the tee, a tiny pin that you punch in the ground to place your ball onto. It is used for the first drive at each hole.

Drivers come in several styles because each course has varied landscapes and different clubs are needed for different shots. The terrain can be sand, grass, dirt, or concrete. Most golfers have a bag full of clubs to handle the various conditions. Most sports stores sell golf clubs, either in sets or individually.

To protect those clubs, a cover is needed. A golf bag will hold your clubs in one place and make it easier to carry. Golf bags can also contain balls, tees and other items. It also covers the edge of your clubs to protect them from scratches and dents, which would detract from your score.

One piece of equipment that you must invest in is a good pair of shoes. Golf shoes are different from normal or tennis shoes. They were designed to walk on grass. Golf shoes usually have pointed tips on the soles to penetrate the ground, yielding a more stable stance. This is important because instability can cause you to mishit the ball. If you want to play seriously, a quality pair of golf shoes is vital. Choose a pair that are sturdy, yet comfortable to walk in.

An optional, but handy piece of equipment is the golf cart. Golf carts are motorized units that carry you from one hole to the next, which decreases the over-all effort required. This can be rented from your golf course. Some courses require their usage to speed up the game.

Most sport shops sell golf equipment. Online is another good source. If you are on a tight budget, used equipment is a good bet, especially for the beginner. Gearing up for golf requires some money and time, but once you have your basic equipment, you’ll be set for years of fun.

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