Golf Trolleys and Golf Gloves – What You Should Really Know About This Equipment

Among optional items is a golf trolley to hold your golf bag. For many golfers, trolleys are an essential item since they take the strain out of carrying a full bag. Equally, many golfers can not stand the sight of them.

They do not feel that they are playing proper golf unless the bag is slung over the shoulder. Most trolleys are lightweight and easily collapsible for practical storage. Golf trolleys have also been greatly helped by new technology.

Some are now so computerized that, at the press of a button, they will propel themselves down a fairway, leaving the player encumbered with nothing more than a small remote control gadget to carry. Most bags come with automatic stands that ensure that both bag and clubs do not come into contact with wet grass.

Golfing Gloves

A glove is another accessory that is an essential item for some golfers and optional for others. There are some top professionals, such as Fred Couples, who cannot see any use for a glove at all.

Most players, however, use one as it helps to keep a firm grip on the club. Remember, if you are a right handed golfer you need a left handed glove, since it is the left hand that grips the club.

The glove should fit snugly, not so tightly that the leather stitching is strained, but not so loosely that there is a spare ½ inch (1 cm) at the end of each finger. A glove will prevent the grip from slipping in your hands.

Protecting Your Clubs

Head covers today serve two purposes, they protect the soft faces of putters and some types of metal woods, they also protect the shafts of those clubs made of graphite or other complex materials. To avoid damage always replace head covers before putting a club back in the bag.

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